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ORM, or online reputation management, is the process of managing a person's, company's, or brand's online information. The primary goal of ORM is to create an accurate, sustainable, and controllable search landscape that represents an organization's or CEO's entire career arc.

Online reputation management is critical because it allows businesses to regularly monitor their online reputation. Because online content is constantly changing, how people perceive a brand can also change dramatically. It consists of reputation protection, monitoring, crisis management, and reputation recovery. It fosters customer, employee, and investor trust. As a result, you will be able to grow your business more effectively and deliver a higher ROI. Online reputation management is the most effective way to maintain your brand's image.

The process involves publishing and optimizing online content to control the first page of Google for branded search queries. A typical ORM strategy might include review management, social media marketing, public relations, search engine optimization, and customer service tactics.

In digital marketing, reputation management typically entails monitoring and managing several key media categories for a brand:

  • Owned media

    Owned media includes a company's own website, social media, and blog. Monitoring these provides a digital marketing agency with a baseline understanding of how customers interact with information distributed by the brand.

  • Earned Media

    Earned media is the collection of coverage or mentions that a brand has earned on other websites, blogs, or forums. This category also includes reviews on sites like TrustPilot, GlassDoor, or even Google business listings. Many customers will do a small amount of research before they purchase from a brand, so understanding what they will read about your brand when they perform a search on these sites is critical.

  • shared media

    Monitoring shared media entails social listening, which is the practise of keeping track of what people are saying about your brand on social media, whether through the accounts of other businesses or personal accounts.

  • Paid Media

    Finally, keeping track of other brands' paid media is critical for staying informed when businesses attempt to influence your advertising reputation.


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Increasing importance of Reputation Management In Business

Learn more about your customers’ expectations and how you can better meet themThere is a list of tools and resources available to help you monitor your online reputation. Examine the various tools available and consider how they can be incorporated into your strategy:

Search engines

Google Places


Discussion forums

Review sites

News sites

Social networks

Social bookmarking sites


Media sharing sites

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